Turret Rifle ( I Will Think of a Name)




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Intro: Turret Rifle ( I Will Think of a Name)

Name sugestions will be gladly acepted

Since i hate writing long intros here's the facts.

100+ foot range with finned ammo
 80 foot range with oodamo
new trigger
comfy handle
Looks Awesome! ( Acording to Visper123 )
Pin Guide

Both range tests where with two bands shot flat.

only 8 shots
generic stock

Step 1: Stock

Step 2: Handle

The amazing handle!

Step 3: The Gun

Step 4: Add the Stock

Step 5: Done

Yay! Now go shot something!

Step 6: Your Rifles

Any one who builds this and posts a pic i will put in this section.
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    8 years ago on Step 6

    yeah you can do a modded tr18 turret too hah ;)


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    you forgot to put in pin guide in the Pros! not many guns have them you know!
    5stars! and Im putting a tr18 turret on this too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but I have to finish my english homework though......

    Theoretically it could, it just doesn't need one as the pin never has to hold against sustained band pressure. A pin guide would be worse thah useless as all it would do is increase friction.

    No it does not, it also does not need one as the pin only takes pressure from the bands when the trigger is pulled. Think of the mechinism as a slingshot weapon powering a ram gun. How about you? Do any of your guns get more than 50 metres of range or have any of them reached #6 highest rated knex instructions. I think not. Also please don't talk like that.