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Introduction: Turret Rifle

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Man i haven't posted in ages. I got bored because knex gun's have literally stopped nothing new and good has been posted in like 2 weeks (apart from the double TR18)

So i made this:

Sturdy, comfy awesome stock
Cool way to cock it (The ram is blackrod + yellow con + white rod on yellow con so the white rod pokes out so you pull it back with that. You probably won't get this)

Comfy handle
Removable turrets
True Trigger

Range isn't great

Note: Some pics aren't great, coz my camera isn't great

Here he is
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    I don't like the new rating system

    Oh yeh, on my other comment i was on about a collab,

    Lets do a thompson or a pump action shotgun (replica if you want)

    Shotgun!!! We should totally do a W2000... And because of the new system, 11 of my instructables are rated 5 stars.. Lol

    maybe we could do a collab? i like your buildiung style :-D

    i was thinking of a GREAT bow :P

    Can I join in? I'm pretty dang good at making this stuff-I've been doing this almost since k'nex guns were first made, and I figured out how to make the Heavy Crossbow into a full-auto gun, but didn't have enough pieces to modify the trigger mech in the required way.

    ok, i dont know the heavy cb very well... maybe we could do an amazing crossbow collab :-D i'm good at crossbows. im not so good with making guns looking ergonomic and real...

    I'm great at taking the best parts of various guns and fitting them together, then finding ways to improve them, testing them, and keeping them if they work well. Basically, I'm one of the best modders you'll find.

    i first starting with modding only... but noe i invented my own guns with the modexperience and buildingexperience i had obtained for over 2 years... Im a good modder too, i can make things work very fast. But let we just stop with saying the things we want to say, we have to concentrate on the things that we have to say ;-)

    i'll hear from your ideas :-)

    I like the look on this one, but this type of turret rifle has been done many many times before. Nothing too new.

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    Thanks! I probably won't post because range isn't great and i don't wanna break it up to post