Turreted ZKAR-like Thing

About: Hey there. I won't add too much info here, as it'll show up as one big paragraph. I'm not super active anymore, on here.
As the title says, this is some sort of combination between the back part of a ZKAR and a turret.
The internals are made my The Racker, and are from his 'ZKAR All Modded Up'. I changed the stock to fit more with the style of this gun.
Its range with blue rods isnt the best; about 30 feet flat with two old bands. Some mods to the design will make it shoot yellow rods, however, I stopped working on this gun. It's really nothing new, and there are way better executed turreted guns. The only thing this offers is maybe a better rate of fire.
Some stuff summed up:
- ZKAR bolt handle and internals
- 8 Shot turret
- Sort of comfortable (no front grip, so I used my left hand to manually turn the turret)
- About 30 feet of range flat with two old rubberbands
- Pin guide

- The Racker -> Internals and pin guide




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    Nice. It looks pretty cool. The only things that I'd do if you built it again is to maybe fill in the turret area and not make the stock a rectangle.

    Also, I have found that if you don't have the end of the pin touching the back of the rifle then it gets more power. I think your range might improve drastically if you do. :D

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    The stock indeed is a block, I found it to look the best like this though. The turret area also needs some filling in, but I couldn't find any more gree nrods D:

    :I I hate when I run out of vital pieces. :I

    And if it works best for you, don't listen to me I guess. It's just what I would've done. Great job, though, and as I said before: try to not let the back of the pin touch the back of the gun next time; I've found that it'll go farther, but maybe it's just me.