Turtle Beach Customization and Modification

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Alright as you can see ive taken apart a pair of turtle beaches and customized them. I also modified them for regular headphone use rather than gaming use. these work great as everyday headphones and this mod is easily transferable among models and possibly among brands. these were x11s but x12s appear to be the exact same in build. You really only need two or three tools to take these apart:

phillips head screwdriver
soldering iron
possibly some kind of prying tool

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Step 1: Take Down

This probably the second hardest thing for me to do. Putting it back together was a bit more complicated because I stopped paying attention to my tear down at about the time the screwdriver hits the screw, so learn from that mistake during this. First thing you do is take the ear muffs off the speaker holster thingys (my headphone jargon is a little rusty) do this carefully because you dont want to rip anything. next unscrew the speakers from the "holster thingys". I started with the side with microphone on it but it doesnt really matter. all you should do is keep track how each wire goes where. You should probably just draw a little diagram to keep track because headphone wires... Are the ultimate evil. Now with this next step you might (definitely will) need some sewing skill. You have to cut the foam headband thingy. I just cut the stitches on one side and called it good. Now you have to fish out the wire that connects the two ears together, this is a tricky little groove so if you plan on re-using be sure to spare it. as you can see, i changed from the turtle beach wire to just some 30 gauge wire. i had a replacement headphone jack from radio shack to use as a receiver. Also because it does not have the control panel it doesn't need any separate power source (i.e usb). so that little gimpy abomination in the third step was just to make sure my theory was right (it was) 

Step 2: Customization Process

As you can see i painted my pair. you can pretty much just skim this step if you dont plan on painting it. the main thing that i did that is unchangeable is that i drilled a coinciding hole on the "holster thingy" that doesnt already have one on the bottom where here is a little groove. Next i'll get a little into my personal painting process. i used a red dupont two stage car paint mixed for a BMW. obviously its not to red in the pictures... i used a mixture of gold pearl, gold flake, and red flake in a batch of House of Kolor intercoat clear to give it that gold orange fade. the black that was used for the trim was for some kinda VW. i topped off the coats with a fast flash dupont clear.

Step 3: Testing

so this step is pretty simple i just connected my grounds right and left channels connected where they need be. this is simple wiring and noone has any reason to be intimidated by it, so long as you can do some descent soldering.

Step 4: Put It All Back Together

Now this part was a little tricky for me going in, guns blazing, and blindly, but luckily you have a dashing fifteen year old with too much time on his hands to guide you! So the best way i found to start tackling this is on the third picture. the one with the black plastic piece and the metal from inside the headband thing. Next was to put the arm that connects the "holster thingys" to the headband. Now you have to put the foam back over the metal piece and sew it all up. now put the (now orange) piece onto where the headband is grooved to fit it. your pretty much done with assembly now. You can just reverse your process of taking it apart it should be simple enough. before you put the actual speakers back on be sure you have fished your wires through the appropriate holes and solder it accordingly.  Now I urge you to check the last step for an expo of my previous work in a great video and consider subscribing to my instructables and youtube account and i will do my best to keep you interested.

Step 5: Enjoy This and Thanks for Viewing /voting



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