Turtle Beach to Xbox ONE Adapter... the Right Way!!!




Introduction: Turtle Beach to Xbox ONE Adapter... the Right Way!!!

I decided to do an instructable on how to make your own Turtle Beach to Xbox One adapter. Mine works perfectly and looks like I went to GameStop and bought it. There is no electrical tape or spliced wires and it is very durable.

Step 1: Gather Tools and Materials

You will need:

1. Xbox ONE headset
2. Turtle Beach chatback cable for Xbox 360
3. Soldering Pen and Solder
4. T5 Torx Screwdriver (not shown)
5. Precision Philips Screwdriver (not shown)
6. Long Tweezers (optional)

Step 2: Remove Cosmetic Cover.

Remove the cosmetic cover from the Xbox ONE headset controller end by gently prying with your thumbnail and pulling out and away. Do this on both ends of the puck separately.

Step 3: Remove Second Cover From XBOX One Headset

Remove the second cover by removing the five T5 Torx screws as shown.

Step 4: Remove Cover From Turtle Beach Controller Puck.

Remove the cover from the Turtle Beach puck by removing the two screws that are shown in the picture.

Step 5: De-solder.

De-solder the wires from each of the pucks by gently pulling on one wire at a time with the tweezers and place the tip of the soldering pen into the solder holding the wires on the board.

Step 6: Trim Tension Relief.

The tension relief needs to be trimmed in order to fit into the Xbox ONE controller puck. Look at the hole in the puck that it goes into and trim accordingly. DO NOT CUT TOO DEEP!!!

Step 7: Solder.

Solder wires from the Xbox 360 puck into the Xbox One puck matching the Red wire to HPL (headphone left). The white wire connects to MIC (microphone) and the black or bare wire connects to GND (ground). Hold each wire individually with the tweezers and place onto the pool of hardened solder. Place the tip of the soldering iron down on the wire until the pool of solder melts and surrounds the wire. Remove the soldering iron and allow the solder to harden. Move on to the next wire.

Step 8: Re-assemble.

Re-assemble the puck in the reverse order that you disassembled it.

Step 9: Enjoy!

Enjoy your new Turtle Beach to Xbox One adapter!

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20 Discussions

EVERYONE THATS LOOKING FOR THIS INFO, DO NOT DO THIS TO YOUR HEADSET OR ADAPTER!!! Turtle Beach has given instructions on how to do this. I have the X12 but the page to view the compatabilities and instruction diagrams are here http://support.turtlebeach.com/entry/830517638/ Just click on the headset that you have and it will give you a diagram of what needs to go where. Follow the instructions it has for your particular "group" of headsets and it will work perfectly.

Has anybody figured out the echo problem yet? It seems some people get it and some don't. I've tried three times knowing I have the right cables but my friends still get the echo.
Did anyone have this and then solve it? And how?

1 reply

Solved friend-echo problem; disconnected the blue wire (HPL) and connected the Black wire (HPR) instead. Works perfectly!

Everything seems right but I can not hear friends when I plug it in still hear game though. They hear me talking to. On xp500

1 reply

I had the same problem at first. I was actually starting to get aggravated. Then I realized that I needed to turn the volume up on the puck lol.

@theinz I had the same problem at first. I was actually starting to get aggravated. Then I realized that I needed to turn the volume up on the puck lol.

@cbeckman I don't really know anything about your cable. Sorry. If I had to guess though, I would guess it is an issue with the ground. Go back and check to make sure you don't have a short anywhere inside the puck. If that's not it I'm sure somebody in a forum somewhere can help.

@wutapollo check to make sure your headphone wire or solder is not touching the mic connection. Also, I know there are different cables for different types of turtle beaches. Make sure your cable is the correct one for the model of the beaches you are using. Your case might be like the comment below that says his turtle beach wire color configuration is opposite from mine. You might have to swap the mic wire and the headphone wire.

Please right back, I did this and at first it was really quiet even with both volumes all the way up and whenever anybody talked there was apparently a really bad echo! I fixed the volume but now I can't seem to fix the echo, please any help would be appreciated!

Great tutorial man! I did last night, but with a cable p2/p2 , 'cause i have an ax pro tritton. It works fine, but my mic generates very low volume, so people barely can hear me. Any tips?? Thanks!

Question for you guys with Astro chat cables. Do the same wire connections apply as those of the Turtle Beach puck wires?

Excellent tutorial, of the many instructions out there this is my favorite. One tip/suggestion, I have a turtle beach DX11, and the colors weren't the same as listed here. Once i opened my talkback cable, I had bare (gold), black (maybe dark green), and red. The red went to the mic (opposite of this one), the black went to the left headset, and the bare went to ground. For folks trying this, if it doesn't work, you might want to solder the ground wire, then leave the other two wires loose and you can use Skype or party chat with a friend to figure out which is which (might be a better way to do this).

Yes cutting and splicing the wires is possible. There is another instructable showing it done that way. I posted this instructable because I didn't want mine to look rigged and actually be more durable If you don't care then I suppose it would be much simpler to just splice and tape.

Nice job. I have a Tritton 720 headset. Any reason to think the same thing couldn't be done? Also, if I didn't care about cosmetics, couldn't I just cut and splice the wires?

@dconfer No, with it being originally in a monaural configuration the turtle beach system takes this signal and outputs it to both sides. Think about the original xbox cable. There's only three wires... speaker, mic, and ground.
@Biuro You're welcome!

Quick question,with only a headphone left wire, your chat will only come in thru the left headphone, correct?

No, unfortunately I did not video the process. I am willing to help though if you you would start by telling me what kind of errors you are running into.

Thank you for this! You wouldn't have a video of this procedure by any chance would you? (I ask because I've gone through 3 talkback cables, 4 Xbox One Headsets, and a bluetooth adapter trying to make one of these for myself and I keep running into errors) Thank you again!