Turtle Chair_Hop on My Back!




Introduction: Turtle Chair_Hop on My Back!

Make Turtle shaped chair!!!!

Step 1: Cut MDF 5mm With Laser Cutter

Step 2: Put the Panels Together With Glue to Make It Rigid and Durable

Step 3: Assemble All Parts



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    4 Discussions

    I think if you made the back a pivot instead of a fixed support in a slot, you could convert it from a chair to a more conventional turtle form.

    If the turtle shell was to be held in place with the pivot as well, then you could drape them over the rounded portion of the frame to make it look more like a turtle shell too.

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    Thanks! Using pivot means like, put the hinge on the hexagon pieces so that make it more flexible to drape over the frame, right?

    This is a cool design, I like how the chair would move with you. :)