When I was 4 years old I was hooked on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV show. One of my favorite characters was Donatello because he made all of the cool ninja turtles inventions. In particular, I really liked the Turtlrecom which was a video call cellphone (pretty ahead of its time since the show aired in 1987). So as a 4 years old fan I decided to mimic the Turtlecom and be the coolest ninja turtle in the kindergarten. In this tutorial, I will take you through the steps of making your own Turtlecom.


  1. Imagination
  2. Pen
  3. Markers
  4. Scissors
  5. Cardboard
  6. Scotch tape
  7. Plastic knife and fork
  8. White paper

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Step 1: Draw the 1st Half of the Turtlecom Body

Use the pen to draw on the cardboard. Draw a hexagon shape on the cardboard then draw inside of it a trapeze that takes roughly half of the hexagon, from the edges of the smaller trapeze base draw lines to the top. Or just try to make it look like a turtle shell.

Step 2: Cut the Shape From the Cardboard

Step 3: Prepare the 2nd Half of the Turtlecom Body

Use the 1st half as a template to draw the 2nd half, then cut it from the cardboard.

Step 4: Patch the Turtlecom Halves Together

Cut the head of the plastic knife, you will remain with a plastic stick. Use the scotch tape to tape each end of the stick to one of the Turtlecom halves.

Step 5: Draw the Screen

Put the Turtlecom body on the paper and use it as a template to measure and draw the screen rectangle.

Now you can draw the inside of the screen area, try to draw some cool buttons and knobs.

Step 6: Place the Screen

Cut the screen from the paper and tape it to the backside of the Turtlecom.

Step 7: Color the Turtlecom

Use the markers to add some color to the Turtlecom.

Step 8: Connect the Antennas

Cut the plastic fork as shown in the picture and tape the edges at the back of the device.

Step 9: Call April O'Neil

Use your imagination and call April O'Neil.

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