10 Videography Tips Using an IPhone 5 and Final Cut Pro - Tutorial

Perfect for the beginning videographer, these ten easy tips will make any amateur video look great!
  1. Location. If you can’t find a good location and background, use a black cloth as a backdrop.
  2. Rule of Thirds. If you don’t know what this is, watch the video.
  3. Lighting. This video explains a simple way to use a window as a key light and a mirror as a fill light.
  4. Quiet Background. Be sure to unplug the electronics in the room. You should be able to hear the difference in the video.
  5. iPhone 5 Microphone. Use your smartphone as an external microphone.
  6. Audio Levels. Adjust all the audio at once using the normalization gain function on Final Cut Pro.
  7. Remove Hiss. Use the audio filters to remove any unwanted background hiss.
  8. Color Correct. Adjust the lights, mids, and lows to obtain a high contrast video.
  9. Text Overlay. Use the text video generator to place text in your video.
  10. Color Bar. Create a backdrop for the text to make it more visible.
  11. Bonus Tip. Watch the video to find out!

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