Tutorial 11 Paper Bell With Miura Fold / Lampshade Bell




About: I appreciate the art of folding paper and various art forms that can be created. I want to share the models that can be folded, design and animate with this form of artistic expression. I am also interested ...

Tutorial 11 Paper Bell with miura fold / Lampshade Bell

Design Paper Bell Corrugated with miura fold / Decor Lampshade Bell (optional)

Upcoming projects.

Publish new designs. planning next tutorials. trying to increase the level of difficulty, and not exceeding 40 minutes.

Use a snapshot of your computer screen (PrtScn keyboard button + Ctrl V in Windows software or Ms word / or search applications screenshot for different operating systems)



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    this is what I can do with the resources that I have / thanks for your comment. the video shows the whole process. and any lack of information can be deduced

    esto es lo que puedo hacer con los recursos que tengo / gracias por su comentario. el video muestra todo el proceso. y cualquier falta de información puede deducirse