Tutorial 4 - Folding Cup Intersecting Patterns

About: I appreciate the art of folding paper and various art forms that can be created. I want to share the models that can be folded, design and animate with this form of artistic expression. I am also interested ...

Tutorial 4 - Folding Cup Intersecting Patterns. (Neospica Neoliveart)

Capture screen to print the section of the crease pattern. I accept suggestions and comments to improve the videos.
I add at the end of the video part 2 section folding pattern for Tutorial 3 - Folding Pattern Ball With Miura

Capturar pantalla para imprimir la sección del patrón de pliegue. Acepto sugerencias y comentarios para mejorar los videos.
Agregue al final del video parte 2 una sección del patrón de pliegue para el Tutorial 3 - Folding Ball With Pattern Miura


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