Tutorial: How to Make Starry Orb Magnets

Introduction: Tutorial: How to Make Starry Orb Magnets

Materials: Glue, Super Glue (or equivalent), Glass Gems, Star Glitter, Star Confetti, Magnets, Bobby Pin

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Step 1:

Super glue magnet to Glass Gem. Let dry.

Step 2:

Cover glass gem with glue.

Step 3:

Using bobby pin to hold the magnet, dip glue covered gem into star glitter. Press down.

Step 4:

Add a glob of glue & dip again into star glitter, lightly.

Step 5:

Insert star confetti & using finger, press glob of star glitter around confetti to hold it down. Let dry for 3+ hours & glaze.

Step 6:

All done! Starry Globe Magnets. Enjoy!

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