Tutorial : How to Setup and Use MT-Card for Playing 3ds Games on N3DS/XL V4.5-4.1




Introduction: Tutorial : How to Setup and Use MT-Card for Playing 3ds Games on N3DS/XL V4.5-4.1

Currently,there are four cards can support 3ds games, they are gateway 3ds, mt-card, r4i gold 3ds deluxe edition and 3dslink. Among these cards, mt-card was specially striking for its multi 3ds roms supported. It was the world first card to support mult 3ds roms to allow our users play lots of 3ds games at one time.

So,this article is a detailed guide on how to setup and use MT-Card for playing 3ds games on N3DS/XL V4.5-4.1.

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Step 1: Things You Need to Know Before Using Mt-card

1. MT-Card currently can just support running 3ds games at n3ds/xl v4.5-4.1.
2. Now mt-card with new package,assure you buy real one,if you need,here is a usa official agent for you :

Step 2: Steps

1. Download blue card kernel V1.11 and unzip it,open the folder and copy the root files into your micro sd card.

Step 3:

2.Insert the MicroSD card into the MT-Card BlueCard, and power on your 3DS console, then press KEY A go to the menu of BlueCard to run MT_INSTALLER.NDS

Step 4:

3.Running MT_INSTALLER.NDS in BlueCard menu, and selecting your console type , then press KEY A to exit after finished.

Step 5:

4. Copy Launcher.dat to the ROOT of the SD card of your 3DS console.

5. Run Launcher.dat (repeat every powercycle), then choose“System Settings”‐”Other Settings”‐”Profile”‐”Nintendo DS Profile” on the Menu of 3DS console.

Step 6:

6. Prepare the YellowCard and a MicroSD card,and formatted the MicroSD card as FAT32;

7.Copy ROMs (*.3ds) and SAVEs (*.sav) to the ROOT of the MicroSD

8.You can enter the menu of Launcher.dat by pressing KEY L when choosing “Nintendo DS Profile”, and you can use KEY LEFT and RIGHT to select functions

Step 7:

9.You can choose “Select Game”to select the ROM to run,pressing KEYUP and DOWN for selecting file, pressing KEY LEFT and RIGHT for page up and page down,and KEYA for OK, KEYB for cancel.

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