Tutorial Interactive Dragon Trainer Tristana

This is the first concept of this project.

When you activate the mini photocell the followed things will happen.

- The dragon head will move.

- The led in the mouth will be on.

- Soundtrack will play.

When the music is over everything will turn off.

All rights of this character are reserved to RIOT GAMES.

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Step 1: Arduino Parts

Here is a list of parts you will need.


1x Arduino Uno

1x Mp3 Shield

1x breadboard

1x mini photocell

1x mini servo

9x wires ( colors don't really matter, just pick the one you like. Unless you have some kind of a system).

1x led

1x resistence (gold, brown, red, dark red).

1x resistence ( brown, dark blue, orange, gold).

1x mini sd card

1x USB Cable

1x mini jack sound display

Arduino (download it at: https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software)

Step 2: Setup All the Arduino

Just try and place the parts, like on the image.

Step 3: Coding Arduino

Start the Arduino software and write the following code:

(The code still has some looping issues with the servo and led, I am still trying to fix that. When I have the solution I will update the page).

Once you write the code down you ready to upload it to your arduino!

If you miss some libraries here is a link to download them.


I couldn't copy/paste the code so I made some jpeg files.

Step 4: Stattue

You can make a statue with clay or other materials. I choose to make it with Z brush so I can 3D print the statue. Plastic is lighter than clay so I'm sure that the mini servo will hold the head of the dragon. I have here some pictures how my fanart of Tristana looks like.

Ofcourse you can also make a drake only or you can make another concept.

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