Tutorial Shorts # 1

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In this instructible, I will teach you how to make a camp in Minecraft PE

Step 1: The Perfect Spot

To make the camp, you will need to find a nice, flat area. I found mine at the edge of my world, but you could make a flat area with a shovel and some time.

Step 2: The Campfire

Every camp needs a campfire, so find the center of your building area and make a one block hole, then drop some netherrack in. Do not light it yet.

Step 3: Protection

The lat thing you want is to wake up to a creeper standing over you, so take your fence and surround your "campground" with it making sure it is not touching any blocks. Then drop a fence gate in.

Step 4: Sleeping Bag

For the sleeping bag, just place a bed anywhere in your "campground". Then light your "campfire".

Step 5: Decoration

For decoration I added a double chest, a furnace and crafting table, and a stone cutter. I also added bookshelves in a corner for decoration.

Step 6: Mod It!

You don't have to stick to the exact design. I added a double high fence with half slabs on top to keep spiders out and added a grill in place of the campfire.

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