Tutorial: Vintage Style Turquoise Shell Earrings

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This time I decide to make a pair of shell earrings. And different with shell earrings before, they are of vintage style.

Most importantly, they are not real shell earrings! It is just a turquoise pendant in the shape of shell. Interesting!

There is a color collision of red and green, which I like very much!

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Step 1: Materials


Iron Earring Hooks

Brass Headpins

Crackle Glass Beads-8MM

Synthetic Turquoise Beads


Flat Nose Pliers

Round Nose Pliers

Side Cutting Pliers

Step 2:

First, we need three crackle glass beads in size of 8 mm and three brass headpins.

Second, place one glass bead on a headpin and use the pliers to bend the ends up to get two loops.

Third, repeat moves above for all three glass beads.

Step 3:

First, we need a headpin and a turquoise pendant in the shape of shell.

Second, place the pendant on the headpin and use the pliers to bend the ends up to get two loops as what we have done to the beads.

Step 4:

First, use the pliers to link the crackle glass beads and pendant together.

Second, use the pliers to connect the pendants with the iron earring hook.

Then one earring is finished.

Step 5:

Repeat all steps above and we can get another one earring.

Eventually, the shell earrings are finished.

Do you want a try? I hope you want!

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