[Tutorial for 4DIY.ORG] - How to Control LED's With Iphone Using [4DIY.ORG] App and Ethernet Shield

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

1. Arduino Uno R3.
2. Arduino Ethernet Shield.
3. [4DIY.ORG] App (Support iOS and Android).
4. RJ45 Cable.
5. Break Board.
7. Resistor.
8. Wire.

Step 2: Upload Sketch for Arduino

Dowload Sketch file Attached

Step 3: Config for Router

Access in Router and watch images below for more details.

Step 4: Diagram

Installation Steps:
- Positive of the Red Led is connected to the D4 of Ethernet Shield.
- Negative of LED RGB is connected to GND pin.

===> Done

Step 5: Application

In Future: you can easily download [4DIY.ORG] Application from store (Applestore/CH Play) and totally free.

Register at : www.4diy.org for timely updates.

Step 6: Result

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    4 years ago on Introduction


    I saw your another project. The multicolor led is fantastic project.