Tutorial for ESP8266 ESPDuino NodeMcu SPI Module Using Arduino Uno


This ESP8266 ESPDuino NodeMcu SPI Module TFT LCD display has 128 x 128 resolution and 262 color, it uses SPI interface to communicate with controller such as Arduino Uno and ESP8266.


  • Size: 1.44 inch
  • Interface:SPI
  • Resolution: 128*128
  • Visual area: 1:1 square
  • TFT color screen, the effect is far better than other small CSTN screen
  • Drive IC: ILI9163
  • Fully compatible and alternative 5110 interface
  • Onboard LDO, support 5V/3.3V input voltage, the LED backlight, 3.3V input

For details of this module, you may refer to here.

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Step 1: Pin Definition

Step 2: Material Preparation

For this tutorial, we required these items:

1. ESP8266 ESPDuino NodeMcu SPI Module(TFT 1.44 Inch)

2. Arduino Uno Board and USB

3. Female-Male Jumper

Step 3: Hardware Connection

In this tutorial, you need to connect ESP8266 ESPDuino NodeMcu SPI Module pin to Arduino Uno pin.

LED > 3.3V

SCK > D13

SDA > D11

A0 > D8


CS > 10


VCC > 5V

Step 4: Sample Source Code

For this tutorial,it is necessary to download and install the AdaFruit_GFX and the TFT_ILI9163 libraries. These libraries are enable ESP8266 ESPDuino NodeMcu SPI Module connect with Arduino.To be able to interface the ESP8266 ESPDuino NodeMcu SPI Module with arduino, you will have to download this library and save it into your Arduino's libraries files. Then, download this sample source code and upload it.

Step 5: Results

Based on the result, the ESP8266 ESPDuino NodeMcu SPI Module will display "‘Hello World!" when done upload.

Step 6: Video

This video shows the demonstration of the tutorial for the ESP8266 ESPDuino NodeMcu SPI Module.

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