Tutorial of a Chains Necklace With Shell and Wool

Introduction: Tutorial of a Chains Necklace With Shell and Wool

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Summer is so hot that we may need something special to calm down.

Watermelon? Ice? Oh no, I am talking about the jewelry!

Shell? Right! Let’s make some special DIY about the shell!

Here we will see how to accomplish a necklace with shell.

Step 1:

During our making process, we need some materials and tools.

They are not hard to get.


Stainless Steel Cross Chains

Shell Pendants

Glass Beads

Twisted Chains

Stainless Steel Extender Chains

Silver Chains

Knitting Wool


Pointed-nose Pliers

Round-nose Pliers

Sharp Steel Scissors

Step 2:

First, we need to string the wool around the chain as following picture 1 shows and get the result of picture 2.

Step 3:

Then, we make the chain and jewelry beads linked together with pliers as picture 3 and picture 4 show.

It is only a sample, and we can choose any kind of jewelry beads as like.

Step 4:

The last step is to select a silver chain and connect it to the previous part to make it a whole.

Eventually, we get a lovely necklace.

This is a jewelry making DIY idea, and hoping you will like it.

For more information about jewelry making supplies, please visit:


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