Tutu Piggy Bank



Here is a fun way for your girls to save some money. What would be more fun than keeping your savings in a ballerina piggy bank wearing a lacy tutu? All you need is a piggy bank, lace, ribbons, a needle and thread, a permanent marker, a tape measure, and a hot glue gun. With an adult's help a child can make this craft in about an hour.

Step 1: Guideline

Be sure to remove the stopper from your pig to keep from gluing it in place. Next using the marker draw a line around the pig's belly starting at the opening, around the belly, just below the coin slot, and around to the opening. With the tape measure measure along the drawn line and around half the opening of the bank.

Step 2: Pleating the Tutu

Cut one length of lace the measured length plus half an inch and another piece of lace that is double the measured length plus half an inch. Measure the bottom opening and divide that in half. Leaving this new measured length at one end of the lace, start making half inch pleats every half inch all the way to the end and hand sew them in place to hold.

Step 3: Gluing the Tutu Together

With the help of an adult hot glue the lace to the bank. First glue down the lace that is NOT pleated along the guideline previously drawn. Start at one side of the opening and go all the way around to the other side. Once you get to the opening glue the remaining lace around the back half of the opening. Next glue the tail left not pleated around the back of the hole over the previous lace. Then finish by gluing the rest of the lace over top the first layer overlapping any excess at the end.

Step 4: Making the Waistband

Cut a ribbon to the same length as the NOT pleated lace. With the help of an adult glue one end of the lace inside the pig in line with the edge of the lace. Glue the ribbon on top of the lace all the way around to form a waistband. Glue the excess tail inside the pig when you get to the other side.

Step 5: Making the Bows

Set the bank aside. Cut three ribbons one fourteen inches, one seven inches, and another one and a half inches. Taking the fourteen inch ribbon cut the edges to form a v and set aside. Take the seven inch ribbon and with the help of an adult glue the ends so they overlap and form a ring with the ribbon. Then glue the overlapped end to the ribbon to the center of the ring, so it forms a figure eight. Wrap the one and a half inch ribbon around the center of the figure eight and glue it to hold in place. Take the fourteen inch ribbon and fold it in half to form a v and glue it in place. Now glue this to the back of the figure eight ribbon to form a bow and glue the bow to the center of the waistband on the tutu. Make another bow the exact same way but use a seven inch ribbon, a five inch ribbon, and a one and half inch ribbon. Once you are finished with this bow set it aside.

Step 6: Making the Headpiece

Cut a pice of lace that is six inches long. Pleat the lace until the end length measures half an inch and hand sew it in place. Take the small bow you made and with an adult's help glue it in the center of the pleating on the headpiece.

Step 7: Finishing Touches

Glue the headpiece in between the ears of the pig and you are finished.



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