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Introduction: Tuxedo Nail Art

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This instructable will show you how to make cute tuxedo nail art. I saw stick on ones at Claire's and I thought 'I can do that!' And they won't damage your nails!!!

Step 1: Supplies

1) black nail pen. Or you can use half of a broken bobby pin and black polish 2) base coat or white nail polish

Step 2: Starting

To start put a base coat of nail polish on

Step 3: French Manicure

Do sort of a French manicure on your nails with the nail pen.

Step 4: Dots

Do two or three dots down the middle of your nail how many dots you do all depends on the length of your nail

Step 5: Bow Tie

Add a bow tie! 1)draw a triangle on its side 2)draw one the same on the opposite side 3)color in any blank spots

Step 6: Finished!

Then you're finished! Check out my other instructables for more nail art or leave a comment or a picture of your own art. Bacause really, I want to see how yours turned out. Thanks;)

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