Tuxedo Strawberries (Great Valentine's Day Gift)




Introduction: Tuxedo Strawberries (Great Valentine's Day Gift)

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Valentine's Day is coming up soon, but these treats are amazing year around. Great twist to the traditional chocolate covered strawberries. This video will teach you how to step up your game and not just do the typical chocolate covered strawberries. This Valentine's Day recipe will impress all your friends. Make sure to subscribe because I will be giving away a Kitchen Aid Mixer every 10,000 subscribers.



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    These are adorbs!!! They remind me of The Whoopie Pie Mocktail which is entered in the Homebrews and Cocktails competition!!


    Very cute! Think my teenage girls will have great fun doing this. I'm imagining their squeals when I show them - now I'm sure you must have heard them! Great tutorial too.

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    :D Thanks. Take a photo of your final products. You can post them to instagram and just add the hashtag #thevegetarianbaker or you can just tag me @jacstjohn :D