Tv Remote INFRARED RGB NIGHT LAMP With an Arduino




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Hey guys again;

In this project i have tried to explain how to make night lamp which can be controlled with tv remote.
We can use any tv remote (infrared) as a controller. All we need a sensor which can get these signals .Which i have used TK19 in this project.

You can improve your project with this module. It is very cheap and basic to use. However, infrared technology is depends on direction of the remote command.

Basically, you can make your own home automation with this module...

Required Materials:

x1 Arduino

x1 TK19 (Any infrared reciever module)

x1 Tv remote (you can use any tv remote command)

x3 220 Ohm resistors.

x1 RGB LED(I used common cathode)

x1 Breadboard


You can check this project in the video how it works....

How to install library:

1)Go to Arduino folder where you installed.

2)Open the libraries folder and create a New Foldedr as "IRremote".

3)Copy all the files inside the "Arduino-IRremote-master" folder (which u have already downloaded ,link below)

4)Paste the all files into "IRremote" which you have already created .

Codes,and Circuit diagram has been uploaded here,but you can reach them also from github(In the codes you will see Turkish words,don't be afraid of them :) i have translated it almost every part of my codes for you and wrote it just behind the codes....): Click Here...

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If any question or suggestion, here or on YouTube channel please...

Good Luck, Have Fun! Sorry for my English if i made mistakes :/



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