Twacked Tail Light for an Equally Twacked Bicycle





Introduction: Twacked Tail Light for an Equally Twacked Bicycle

right so my daily rider bicycle is a beach cruiser i pulled out the dumpster and kludged to work.   i ride this bike instead of my lowrider and my gary fisher so i dont turn too many heads and attract attention from gang members and police. i already have been assaulted by people trying to steal my nicer bikes, and ticketed by nosy pigs.    so i have a grip of flashlights and medicine bottles and blown inner tubes just chillin around the house and i put them together to make an epic kludge

Step 1: Materials

a flashlight  with a head that will snugly fit into the cap of the medicine bottle

a medicine bottle

electrical tape

some innter tube


Step 2: Install the Flashlight

its easier to put the flashlight on the frame the idea is just like this instructable. where you mount the light is up to you i decided to put it by the coaster break so traffic behind and to the left of me as i ride on the right side of the road sees me.  

so just cut a small section of inner tube off like a rubber band and do the do

Step 3: Prepare the Medicine Bottle

first screw in the cap,  some caps have the top and bottom of the bottle threaded. one is child safety side the other is just screw on,  put the cap on with the child safety stuff facing away from the bottle, once its on wrap the the edges and the small portion on the bottom so the flashlight fits snugly and doenst glare white light around. 

Step 4: Put Bottle on Flashlight

put the bottle on the flashlight. and ur done.   ill post an instructable about my lowriders headlights later on...



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    i got pulled over for riding on the sidewalk, in las vegas you are required to ride in traffic. but i was on the sidewalk and on the left side of the road. so i got pulled over the ticket cost me 90 dollars and i had to get an attorney to talk it down to a parking ticket instead of a moving violation. its also apparently an arrestable offense i asked the officer if i had to consent to a search and he threatened to arrest me and have my bicycle towed. ive also been pulled over for not signaling even when i checked to make sure nobody was behind me and my headlights are brighter than what the bicycle police have and also one time because i matched the description of a suspect.

    I too have been told to get off the sidewalk, and into harms way, by the police.
    Ride on, bro'.

    there are many styles of lights with flashing wands attached for only a few dollars, I used a couple for a halloween "ible", attached to a bike, you could have the white light shining at the ground and the flashing wand sticking in the air with just a couple of zipties.

    Granted it has been many years since I was taught to ride a bike but we were taught to ride INTO traffic which still seems safer to me but here in florida you're supposed to ride WITH traffic. So you can't see what hits you? I can see where riding on a crowded sidewalk could be dangerous to pedestrians AND to the biker but in my local metro area the blocks aren't that long and the curbs are rather high so its not really an issue.

    Having a light to bright sounds like having to much money, as long as you have the light angled so you're not blinding oncoming traffic what's the problem ?


    on a side note the same officer that ticketed me also responded when i was attacked. probably the worst day of my life in a long time. but i was happy to be the guy with the bruises and skinned elbow instead of the guy going to the hospital i got him so bad i was the suspect and it took them 3 hours to clear me, luckily there were plenty of witnesses, he was determined he came after me with 5 of his buddies and a brick ready to rock n roll just to take a bicycle

    yeah he got me in the day time at 4 PM it was summer time so there was plenty of light out. i ride in traffic when im on side streets, but on major avenues i ride anywhere on the side walk so i might be agains the traffic or with traffic but still on the sidewalk though.

    i havent decided yet, compared to my other bicycles this looks sloppy and bootlegged and i feel naked without my massive headlights and tail lights. but then again this bike is meant to be low profile and semi disposable. i wont cry if they steal it i will just be really bummed but if they took my gary fisher or lowrider id be mad as hell. lol.

    PS- the maglite has been upgraded to LED and this could be modiified to a more permanent kludge i also have a maglite XL50 that strobes its a good light but not very good as a headlight too much spot and not enough flood.