Tweaked Up Fruit Crate



About: I got hooked on pallet wood 2 years ago.Just find it very relaxing to make stuff in my woodshop.

First,I take no credit for this design.Think I saw it on u-tube,dont remember,its ben a couple years.I take my pallets apart with a sawsall,then punch the cut nails out.I have a coffee can full of nail heads.Im all about using the whole pallet,so this project will start using them.The metal banding used came with a pallet.This is a table saw project,respect your tools and use proper safety precautions.

Step 1: Tools & Supplys

Ok,lets build.


table saw

jig saw

tin snips


various drill bits 3/16 & 7/64

brad nailer



approx 11' pallet boards

16 nail heads from pallets

metal banding

spray adhesive

stain(I used special walnut)

label (labels can be found for free,google "vitntage friut label")

Step 2: Cut Wood

Table saw time.Rip your boards to 3" wide,make cuts from boards.You will also need to rip a 3/4"x3/4" piece.


(4) 12"x3" sides

(4) 8" 1/2"x3" ends

(3) 10" 3/4" x 3" bottom

(4) 5"x3/4" corners

Step 3: Sand

Sand all pieces.I hate sanding.

Step 4: Cut Handles

Cut centered half circles on 2 of the 8 1/2"x3".This can be done with a jigsaw.After cutting sand edges .(I was to lazy to use my router.)

Step 5: Put It Toghter

Start by nailing the 5"x3/4" to the 8"x3".Hold the 5" flush to the outside edge of sides,keeping the handle on top.Its pretty straightforward assembly after that.You do have to rip one of the bottom boards,I did the center one.

Step 6: Stain

Stain it up.

Step 7: Install Metal Bands

I cut the bands 5 7/8" to keep the sharp edges clear of hands.Drill 4 holes per band on 1" centers.I used a 3/16th bit for this.Place the bands 1 3/4" from sides,then use a 7/64th bit to drill holes in the wood.I put a stop on the bit so as to not drill through.Cool,almost done.Pound nails in.

Step 8: Attatch Your Label

Print out your label of choice and use spray adhesive to attach.I tryed the ink transfer thing but after wasting 2 ink cartridges and alot of time I found this method works just fine for me.

Any questions hit me up.



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