Tweaking Fan Settings in Kisslicer for Large Parts

Introduction: Tweaking Fan Settings in Kisslicer for Large Parts

So I flipped this part face up after i printed it. It was supposed to be flat and ended up bowing. All my settings seemed good but I figured the bowing was chased from a cooling problem.

Step 1: Kisslicer Settings

For this first part I had the fan set to 100% for all 3 choices. This can been seen in the kisslicer photo. My thinking was that the edges cooled much quicker while the middle cooled slower. This kinda made the edges pop up.

Step 2: Turning the Fan Down

In kisslicer I turned the fan down to 50% on all three settings. I thought this would allow the part to take take longer to cool and warp less.

Step 3: 50% Fan Results

Looking at the pics you can see it still warped but the warping is less. Somewhat proving my theory.

Step 4: Running With No Fan

To prove my theory I now had to run the print with no fan. So I turned it off for the entire print.

Step 5: No Fan Results

This gave me the flattest results. There was still a little warping but the least of the 3.

Step 6: Comparing the 3 Prints

As you can see all three should be the same print but the surface is rounded on the first 2. The one on the left was printed with 100% fan, the one in the middle with 50% and the one on the right with 0%. For larger thick prints with PLA I suggest keeping the fan off after doing this test.

This was all done at the TechShop, you can check out their website at

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