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"I feel it in my fingers I feel it in my toes, the love that's all around me And so the feeling grows."

All you love filled hearts,

Tell me that you are feeling like these amazing lines from the the song "Love is all around" from Wet wet wet. Because I do. And because of that my creativity factor seems like working in full form.

A few days back I published this ible for a Valentine's Day Heartbeat necklace and all you amazing people loved it. Thank you so much. Since then the idea of making hearts using wires got stuck in my mind and today I came up with this beautiful wire ring which I call "Twin Hearts Ring". I think it will be a wonderful companion to the Heartbeat necklace.

And you know it is easy to make too.. sounds like fun? Lets get started.

P.S: Dear instructables, Thank you letting me know that I can make jewelry too, which I had never imagined in my life ever.

Step 1: Simple Stuff You Need

Some pliers like round nose, flat nose and wire cutter

A mandrael or some round object of varying thickness

Two types of jewelry wire (copper, steel or silver your choice), see image above to have an idea:

  1. Thick wire: 18-20 gauge
  2. Thin wire: 30-32 gauge (for wrapping)
  3. Lots of love in your heart :)

Yup that's all you need :).

Step 2: Make Twin Hearts

See images above and follow:

You would need two pieces of thick wire

  1. For outer heart : around 6"
  2. For inner heart: around 5"

Start :

  1. Pick long wire and bend it to find its middle.
  2. Wrap the wire from middle around the mandrel's top (the thin part), target to make a loop around 1cm diameter.
  3. both ends of wire should intersect each other.
  4. Take out the wire from mandrel and hold the loop from middle using flat nose plier.
  5. Using your hand bend the wire from right by pulling it upwards, notice the heart shape is forming.
  6. Release the plier and pull both wires intersecting each other such that they form the heart shape.
  7. Use your finger to squeeze the heart , it you think it is bigger. This will also help to shape the heart properly.
  8. Using flat nose plier, bend the wires downwards from where they are intersecting such that they form legs of the heart , see image.

Pick small wire and repeat the steps to make a smaller heart.

Now comes the easy part :)

Step 3: Wrapping Two Hearts Together :)

See images above and follow:

IMPORTANT: I have learned that while making wire jewelry, it is important not to leave any open ended wires because they may scratch your skin or get stuck with your cloths. I will tell you how to hide the wire ends here for safety.

  1. Put the smaller heart inside the bigger heart and flatten the wire inside such that 4 wires are parallel to each other.
  2. Now grab the thin wire.
  3. NOTE: We don't want to expose the end of thin wire, so we will also wrap it inside.
  4. Insert the thin wire from behind the heart and bend it parallel to other wires (See image, where I am holding the arrangement)
  5. Start wrapping tightly and without any gaps. Make sure the wires are parallel (not overlap) as you progress.
  6. When you wrapped half of the wire, stop.
  7. Where the wires end, cut the two wires inside to make them slightly smaller then the outer wires.
  8. Using the flat nose plier, bend the outer wires to form a inward u-turn. We are doing this to secure the sharp ends of the wire inside wrap.
  9. Complete the wrap till the end leaving just a bit such that the two bended loops are visible
  10. Insert the thin wire in one of loops and cut it as close as possible to the thick wire.

Almost there... :)

Step 4: Shape of Your Heart

See images above and follow:

Wrap the straight arrangement around the mandrel fully, leaving just about 1/2cm of space between the ends.

This ring can also be wore as thumb ring, so if you want to wear it like that, wrap it around the larger part.

Yayyyyyy!!!!! You just made an awesome ring for your valentine.

Did you like this ible? Please share it , comment it, make it.

Loved it ? Please Vote it :)

You are Awesome :)

Stay tuned.



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11 months ago

The rocks on the cover photo look like Kryptonite.

“Ladies, keep your superman away from this stuff!”



4 years ago on Introduction

I have that song.. its a nice song!! :)

I think, lyrics are 'I
feel it i my fingers, I feel it in my toes... 'Love is all around me',
And so the feeling grows...', though I used to think of this last line
as 'And so the feeling rolls...' and I like it this way (using the word-
'rolls') :)

1 reply
Tarun Upadhyayaashuavr

Reply 3 years ago

Sorry for a super late response. My fav song of all time.


5 years ago

I suggest using enameled copper if you must use that material. Experience has taught me that at very close contact,( by that I mean rings) will turn your skin green.

2 replies

You are very right...interestingly it took me a while to figure out that the cooper wire I used is actually enameled :). I did not know that :)

Ashish_MishraTarun Upadhyaya

Reply 4 years ago

while ur on the copper green topic,this might seem like hocus pocus, but my grandma used to say that the copper only turns ur skin green if ur unwell/not that healthy.if ur health is fine,it won't discolor ur skin.I tried it too,kind of works but difficult to reason logic.


5 years ago on Introduction know i was wondering where have you kept the ring in the main picture and then i read your comment below..! incredibly awesome photography and the ring..!
(your valentine is really lucky.!haha :P)

2 replies

He he he :blush:

Thank you so much Faiza :), you know Instructables have taught me so many things about photography.


5 years ago on Introduction

Omg, I had just finished to tell Muhaiminah how good she is at working with wire and then I saw's gorgeous!! I wish I was as good as you, Muhaiminah and Emily with wire!

3 replies

Oh Linda.. you are so kind. You know I had same thoughts before I got my hands on wire, trust me you just need to start it and then its like working with clay, whatever you make, it will always have some nice shape :)


5 years ago

I made these using your instructions! Thank you!

1 reply