Twin Sentries

Introduction: Twin Sentries

I created these guys for a contest on Deviant Art. It was called "The Beasts of 9 Contest". I had to make a creature/s as if they were designed for the movie "9"

They're made from copper plumbing pipe and copper wire
Burlap and rubber cement for the wings, then sewn onto a copper wing outline. The rubber cement gave the gaps between the burlap a membrane-ish look and feel.
Obviously there are LEDs for the eyes. Each one has a hidden LED inside the body to light the fiberoptic tails. When I was prepping them for pictures, one of the inner LEDs got loose from the battery, so the second dragonfly has no light up tail. Oops.
Sorry, there weren't any really good shots with the lights out.



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    I think I saw these things flying overhead during the lockdown / very cool stuff

    Awesome! excellent craftsmanship and now ill have to go see the movie! =p