Twist and Pop Card - Song of Love




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Intro: Twist and Pop Card - Song of Love

I create this card not only because I like the mechanism of twist and pop, but also because the music and love theme fits so well in it. The card itself carries so much meaning.

To make this card, you will need the following.

Cardstock (both thick and thin - here I used ones that are 205 gsm and 150 gsm)


Double-sided tape

Craft knife


Craft glue

In addition, you will need 3 templates..

Template 1 (Kinetic insert):

Template 2 (Inside panels and card cover):

Template 3 (Pop out elements):

Print template 3 directly on the colored 150 gsm paper for the pop out board.

Follow the video for full instructions. Good luck!



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    1 year ago

    beautiful. I may not use this for Valentine's day but I will use it sometime. Thanks. Very easy to follow.

    1 reply