Twist on Sausage and Peppers




Introduction: Twist on Sausage and Peppers

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Thing’s You’ll Need

Chicken Sausages

Red Bell Pepper

Green Bell Pepper

Brown Onion


Garlic Olive Oil

Balsamic Vinegar

Brown Sugar

Spices (Crushed Red Pepper, Salt, Black Pepper, and Garlic Powder)

Step 1: Veggie Prep

Tip #1 When a grill is available, definitely grill!

Preheat grill on high heat. Take a small pot and add in about 2/3 a cup of balsamic vinegar and set on medium heat. Begin to reduce. Begin to prep veggies; thinly slice your bell peppers and onions, and chop up about 3 cloves of garlic. Set Aside.

Step 2: Grilling and Balsamic Prep

Tip #2 When grilling make sure grill is hot hot hot before you begin.

Once grill is hot, lower to medium heat and place the sausages on them. Grill until golden brown on each side and remove from heat. Once balsamic vinegar has reduced add in half of the garlic, a dash of olive oil, a good amount of brown sugar, and all of the spices to taste. Set aside on medium low heat.

Step 3: Sausage and Pepper Sizzle

Tip #3 Mix it up and use a gourmet flavored olive oil (Garlic or Chipotle)

Now add some olive oil into medium sized pan on medium heat. Place in the rest of the garlic, onions, and peppers and let them cook until soft. While veggies are cooking please slice sausages and add them into the pan with the vegetables. Let them sizzle! Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil and cook your spaghetti.

Step 4: Serving and Suggestions

Tip #4 If you are unsure add a little bit at a time.

Add your balsamic reduction over the sausage and peppers, drizzle some olive oil and let it simmer until spaghetti is cooked. Strain Spaghetti and place onto dish. Top off with sausage and peppers and serve!


  • A great spin on any traditional sausage and peppers dish.
  • Instead of pasta place onto a roll with some fresh mozzarella.
  • A great dish to serve for large dinner parties!

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