Twist Tie Weaved Bracelet

Introduction: Twist Tie Weaved Bracelet

This is my first Instructable.  This is an Instructable for making weaved bracelets out of twist ties.

You will need:
    -Profusions of twist ties (any size you want, but I used 26cm ties)
    -Endless amounts of patients
    -Studs and Chains are optional

Start by taking 8 twist ties. Take them so they overlap in an alternating pattern.

|-|-|-|-|-|-     (Maybe a useful diagram.)

After putting the first 8 ties together fold the ends, and leave one out to align the next one.
After that fold the ties over the opposite way they where before.

You can make it as wide/long as you want, make it double layered, by weaving 2 twist ties at once, but when it is the desired length simply cut the twist ties that hang off with wire cutters or scissors.

The twist ties are rather modular, anything that can fit in between the gaps.

Studs, Chain, Screws, more twist ties anything.

You could even extend the bracelet into a glove, or continue to a full arm or amour for the full body.

For tying the bracelet together put a twist tie through the ends and twist them together, eventually the will break, so you may need some replacement ties.

Gloves for example, 3 years ago I made a pair of gauntlets, but sadly they where ruined and I have never had the motivation to make another pair. Although I did make a Japanese Kote (fingerless glove)

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