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Introduction: Twisted Emergency Lighter

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For years I've attempted to quit smoking, trying all kinds of crazy methods with very little success. A couple years ago I was interested in the "Vape" culture and tried the "Ego Twist" (a variable voltage e-cigarette), consisting of a charger, a rechargeable battery, a resistance coil, and a tank. Well I tried it faithfully for a couple of months and of course like most of these tries, this little device and it's charger ended up in the drawer. Until tonight when my wife took my lighter and I wasn't in a position to run to the store. Born out of necessity the "Twisted Emergency Lighter"

Step 1: Tools and Supplies


Needle Nose Pliers (however in retrospect a pair of tweezers would have probably worked too).


Ego Twist Battery (charger usually comes with the battery),

Atomizer (in my case I have an "Aspire Clearomizer" clone).

If your like me you probably have a box full of nasty burnt tasting atomizer coils laying around that still have some good resistance left (I know I'll find a use for these someday?).

No just go to any gas station or dollar store practically these day and get a whole kit for around $20.00.

Step 2: Safety First!!!

Separate the atomizer from the battery to avoid accidentally hitting the button and firing the coil. Just simply unscrew the battery and now your ready to disassemble the atomizer.

Step 3: Disassembly

Don't rush! Breaking the coil ruins the atomizer and you'll have to start over. Bending the coil spring causing it to touch will lower the resistance overloading the battery, normally just burning up the coil. However there is a worst case scenario; the battery explodes! It's never happened to me yet (but anyone who has seen the exploding vape battery video knows there's a slim chance).

Unscrew the tank from the atomizer.

Remove the plastic retaining ring from over the vapor wick tube.

Remove the vapor tube by gently pulling up and away from the wick and coil.

Using the needle nose pliers (or the tweezers) gently start pulling and twisting the wick from the side of the coil sliding it out. Make sure you get all of the wick out.

Take a close look inside the atomizer, you should see something that looks like a little spring in the middle (making sure all the rings of the coil spring are not touching).

Your almost ready to start firing!

Step 4: FIRE!!!

Screw the wick free atomizer back on the battery and press the fire button.

You should see a nice bright orange glow coming from that little spring.

Step 5: Ready to Go!

You now have a rechargeable emergency lighter capable of getting a fire started with just a little paper.

Safety Tip #1: Use the old tank as a screw on cap to protect the coil, when it's traveling in your bug out bag, or just dropped in your pocket.

Safety Tip #2: Remember to do the five (5) quick button pushes to turn off the battery when not in use.



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    Do you think this could easily be modified for a safe lighter for someone who can't see a flame? My thought was to modify the tank to insert cigarette tip, so upon insertion it lights?

    My husband is losing the last of his eyes and I'm trying to find a way that he can still smoke but I won't have to worry about him being burned.

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    I think the coils on these little vape pens are way too thin to be useful as a permanent lighter solution. To do something like your looking to do I would probably look on craigslist for a cheap sub ohm mech mod with an RBA (RDA RTA) deck. An RBA is a rebuild-able coil you can buy fairly heavy duty spring coils. However with a little testing you could probably build a really heavy duty heating element to put in one of those RBA's. I've been playing around with using a car cigarette lighter and an adjustable resistance switch (like a ceiling fan speed controller rotary switch), because I haven't been able to find the right bridge to build one I can plug in. Maybe I can whip up an i'ble on it.

    So I vape, mod builder, make e-liquid, yada yada. Lotsa experience, end of that story. I agree, smoking sucks the big 1 ???. I too lost a near & dear someone, my dad, me @ age 15, him she 41. I still have to admit... picture 2, with the cig ✌?✌waiting patiently between your fingers on your right hand... as has been said & played out, priceless✂?✂?. Thanks for the much needed giggle. ?

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    Are you drunked or this is your way to communicate with others ?

    Hopefully, I've got 10 to 20 lighters spreaded in my house, a few match boxes and three gaz dispensers (to amortize the freight costs I had to buy several at a time). I have 3 or 4 eGo as well. I'm fully prepared !


    2 years ago

    I know what you did and the reason why. But maybe this can also be used for other emergency situations any how. I guess what I am saying is don't stop trying to stop smoke...everything, Vaping included!

    I've seen the true devastation smoking can do to people all to well. My close friend and neighbor died this past Christmas morning from lung cancer. His live was cut way too short for sure. And watching him fade away over the past years was hard to take. JMHO!

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    Let me first say: My condolences on your friend.

    As for my intention for writing this up, it's a wired flame-less lighter, that's it! Not a segue into any discussion about what it might be used for. You can use it to light campfires, fireworks, or anything that you could use a Zippo or Bic for.

    As for any other commenters, while I don't flag comments because I believe in everyone's right to be heard, Please remember that my Instructables comments section are a forum for sharing helpful insights on projects, please don't use these as a soapbox for social issues.

    gm280 please don't take this reply as making light of your comment, in fact I appreciate your passion on that particular subject, but I would prefer if we kept the comments about the project. Thanks again.

    Sorry, I certainly didn't mean to come off as attacking you. I was merely stating that it is never too late to stop. Other then that, I do like your lighter idea.

    It's all cool, I didn't take it as an attack either. I just read too many of these Instructables comments that end up going off topic, and still yet a lot more that end up being negative; less than helpful.

    I seen a similar comment a couple years ago about a hidden flask someone built, and someone started commenting on alcoholism on the forum of that project it resulted in a back and forth argument. The author had a brilliant build idea on part of it that could have been used on several other projects, but I assume he took it down to because the comments were nothing about the project and all about alcohol abuse. Just sad those ideas are lost to social criticism.

    I completely understand your intention and you feel compelled to prevent and stop a habit; which I respect, and respectfully ask you understand my reply? This Instructable is not the place for that.

    In the spirit of Instructables however, I invite you to build a project of a smoking cessation method or device and post it, contribute to the site, make a forum for it. Thanks again.