"Around the Tower" a Knex Ball Machine"



Introduction: "Around the Tower" a Knex Ball Machine"

This is my first ball machine, I think it's pretty good for my first one it uses Tornado96 and Shadowman39's alternating arm lift. I based it on a path that winds around a small tower that the balls roll down into the loading dock for the lift. Anyways here's the video tell me how you think it is if you want.



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    I at's ok for being your first ball machine. You should add more elements and paths :D
    But, everyone started out small
    and lemme correct your credits: "it uses Tornado96's alternating arm lift" that lift was made by Tornado96 and Shadowman39

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    Oops,I forgot to mention that I'm working on another machine already,(It's almost as tall as my ceiling >_<)and it's going to have at least 4 paths probably more though. I defiantly have enough pieces for it I have like 5 tubs of K'nex each with at least 5000 pieces each. The problem is though that 2 of them that have most of my commonly used rods are downstairs and they weigh too much for me to lift up, and I can't build it in the garage(Where the tubs are.) because there's no room and the car my dad's fixing up is where I normally build in the garage. And my dad had surgery on his leg and he can't lift heavy things up stairs and it's too heavy for my mom too. Any ideas?

    Well I was trying to make it just paths to be a little unique,and I will correct that now thank you for the information.

    Sorry to burst your bubble but there is already a ball machine called twister. Nice machine though.

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