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Introduction: Twisting Pop Up



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    it look fantastic but I think they could do it slower as it is to complicated to follow. but totally it was FAB :):):):):)

    What are the gradients for the lines? I tried to approximate, but ended up with the lines meeting at the wrong places.

    i really like your videos but could u put them into instructables i find them easier to follow

    Woohoo!I just made one and it's not that hard plus im only 10

    This is so cool! I am going to try making it now....need to experiment with the folding part though.

    this is SO SO SO SO SO awesome. but i reallllllllly wish the instructions where more detailed so i can make one :)

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    Hey golics, thanks so much for this. I've made around 10 of them just for fun, lol. For those of you having trouble, it's really quite easy and this video is proper instruction enough. when you get to the folding part, just spread everything apart like in the video. Then just follow the lines, mountain fold, or valley fold. The thing that makes it successful is starting at a corner and just mountain or valley fold each line down the middle. Then right when you get to the middle, the other side she pretty much fold by itself.

    i am having a hard time doing this pls give me better instructions

    Um golics, you havent't made anything in a while... Update please?

    Weee! A marvelous effect, but (as others have said) this is one of those projects that needs more details. On behalf of the 'ibles community, may I request a "proper" instructable of this fold, with a template we can download?