Twisty Inside-out Braid




Introduction: Twisty Inside-out Braid

A flirty sping -do for any occasion but particularly good for the wedding season.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies.

What you'll need:

-A comb (preferable a teasing comb but any one will do)

-Some hairspray

-Bobby pins (I like ones that match the color of my hair so they camouflage)

-A hair tie

Step 2: Tease.

A little volume never hurt anyone. :)

Tease your hair a bit to give it some oomph.

Starting at the crown section off a chunk and backcomb with a teasing comb. Using the comb make downward movements toward your scalp. Go little by little, sectioning off portions and teasing, moving towards the front of your head.

Step 3: Braid.

I like this look best utilizing an inside-out french braid but it can also be done with a normal french braid.

Either way, start by parting your hair to the side and section off a chunk. Divide into three sections and begin to braid, gathering pieces from both sides and cascading down towards the side of your face.

Step 4: Hair-tie.

Continue braiding downward, curving towards the other side of your head. When you're finished braiding, fasten with a hair-tie.

Step 5: Pin It!

Use some bobby pins to curl the remaining braid strand into a bun. Make sure to tuck the hair-tie part underneath so no one can see it! Use as many as you need- the more the merrier when it comes to hair pins.

Step 6: ...and Viola!

The perfect hairstyle for the ba-zillions of spring weddings you're attending this season. Finish with a little hairspray and you're set to boogie!

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    6 years ago

    You are a genius please post more hair styles