Twisty the Clown Mask




Introduction: Twisty the Clown Mask

About: 21 year old, self taught sfx makeup artist Ellinor Rosander teaching you how to create eye popping fx and how to utilize everyday household products to create seriously gory effects for photo shoots, movie p...

In this episode you'll learn how to create the freaky Twisty The Clown Mask. Everything is created using our Ellimorph Plastic and this mask weighs less than 100g. The Twisty Mask Tutorial is perfect if you're planning on going as Twisty The Clown from the ever so popular TV-series American Horror Story. Don't forget to watch our Twisty The Clown Halloween Makeup tutorial as well for the complete look including that gory mouth.

Step 1: Watch This Mask Tutorial Video

Step 2:

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