Twitter Messages on Your TV Screen

With this Instructable you will be able to display your Twitter Tweets on your TV Screen or screens, or jumbotron screens if you are hard core. Most people will find this useful for houseparties.

You're going to need a few things to get started
1) A Computer
2) A TV Screen or Projector Screen
3) Internet Connection
4) FireText Software, Good thing they have a demo which will work for 14 days. This will be plenty for your house parties or small family get togethers. You can download it from

Ok! Let's go!

Step 1: Connect Your Laptop or Computer to Your TV Screen

You will need to connect your Laptop or Computer to your TV Screen, now depending upon your connection type that you tv can receive as well as your computer can output. Most modern LCD TVs can accept HDMI connections, also most new laptops can output HDMI as well.

I would borrow a HDMI cable from your DVD Player and connect it to your computer.

Step 2: Install FireText Text to Screen / Tweet to Screen Software

You can download FireText Text Messaging Software from here then follow the installation and registration procedures. You'll get a free 14day demo, again which is plenty for your one time party...

Step 3: Start Your FireText Administrator

Once you've completed the installation and registration, restart your FireText Administrator Software. You will see your name in the upper right hand corner of the software.

Step 4: Extend Your Windows Desktop

Extend your Windows Desktop onto your TV Screens

Here's a great link on how to do this,

Step 5: Start Your FireText Display Software

Start your FireText Display Software, you should see this icon on your desktop, if not you can find it with your program files / FireText System / Folder.

Your FireText Display will automatically Load Up on your TV Screen, because it detects your Extended Windows Desktop.

Step 6: Create a Template That Will Hold Your Tweets

Open your FireText Template Editor and Create your FireText Template, this is the template that holds your Tweets, you can customize the Fonts, Show Avatars, have vertical scrolling, horizontal scrolling, etc.

Check out their youtube channel for tutorials

Save your finished Template within your c:/FireText System/Templates/ Folder

Step 7: Send Your New Template to Your TV

Within your FireText Administrator, select TEMPLATES from the left side black column, you will see the template you just created.

Select it, then choose Set as Activate Template. You will see your Template in your TV Screen.

Step 8: Start Your FireText Engine

Within your FireText Adminstrator, go FILE / START, you can now Tweet your @SCREENNAME and your Twitter messages will go onto your TV!


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