Two Bight Turk's Head Paracord Lanyard




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This video tutorial will show how to tie a Two-Bight Turk's-Head lanyard using about 5.5 feet of 550 paracord.  The Turk's Head part of the knot is described in 'The Ashley Book of Knots', knot #595.  I added the lanyard knot and loop on the end to make it  useful as a lanyard.  The actual time it took me to make the lanyard, from start to finish, was under 20 minutes, I edited the video down to 10 minutes.  The time consuming parts are making additional passes, keeping the knot neat, and then tightening up and working the slack out of the knot.  Knot responsibly :)

*The music that is playing with the video is 'Amy' by Thinkstandard.



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To serve as your needle, what I've done is take a 6p or smaller finish nail, insert the head in the end of your cord, then heat/melt the end around the nail.When done just cut off and seal the end.


This is brilliant. I like it so much better than the macrame style square knot that has been so popular. Thanks for sharing.