Two Color Paracord Solomon Bar




The Two Color Paracord Solomon Bar is the same knot used in making the Survival Bracelet. We are just going to add a little different twist to the popular bracelet. We will make it with two colors.

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Step 1: Layout

Start with your two colors of paracord, lay them out as shown. One color on the left and the second color on the right.

Step 2: Begin Your Knot

Take your left cord, make a loop with the running or working end of the paracord, going in front of the knot. Take your right cord, loop around the the left cord running or working end, go behind the knot and through the loop of the left cord.
*** you can start the knot on a buckle or key ring if you want to, I am just showing how the two colors will look... ***

Step 3: Pull Tight

Once you pull the knot tight you should start to see the familiar knot pattern of the Survival Bracelet.

Step 4: Continue Tying the Knots

Continue tying the knots

Step 5: After a Few More Knots

By now you can see the Solomon Bar forming... In the example you can see the RED cord is forming the edges of the Solomon Bar... But what if you wanted the BLACK color to be on the edge...????

Step 6: The Big Surprise...

If you turn your work over you will see the colors are reversed...

You can use this knot to make Survival Bracelets, or key chains, or what ever you like...

To see more of my knot work, visit my blog at

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3 years ago

i keep trying to make these from different tutorials. every time the colours just come out alternating rather than one down the middle and one down the saides. they also all twist, like a drill bit. what am i doing wrong?

2 replies

Reply 3 years ago

If you want your bracelet to be "straight" then you must alternate which strand goes under the knot. Alternate Left and then right and then left again. That keeps the knot straight. I hope that helps.


4 years ago

These are epic pictures! The quality is super crisp. Great Instructable too.


5 years ago

great tutorial! very fun project


Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

Dalton, the length is up to you... In this demo I was just showing the steps in order to tie the knots... if you want to tie a bracelet then you would measure your wrist (add a little bit more to allow for the knots and to make it just a bit lose) and then start tying knots. The length is up to you depending on what you want to make... If you are making a belt or guitar strap the length will be significantly longer than a bracelet...

I hope that helps.



6 years ago on Introduction

Thanks for posting this. Great illustration and pics!!! However, this would be a complete bracelet if you could post a picture or pictures of the placement of the buckles (of how you put them on). I have the curved buckles and the 3 prong buckle has 2 slots. Again, thanks for the clear instructions!


Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

Solomon Bars are a series of knots. Think of it as your car... It takes you where you want to go, where you go is up to you... Solomon Bars can be turned into a huge variety of different things. Most commonly they are used as "survival bracelets", but you can make key chains, belts, guitar straps, zipper pulls, etc. Really anything you want... I hope this answers your question.


6 years ago on Introduction

I made a couple of braclets with paracord my son gave me from when he was an Army Ranger. I then ordered some from online and the width of it is so much larger and stiffer than what I got from him. My braclets are "spiraling or twisting around" because of the thickness! What size do most people use? It also looks as if my stritch changed a couple of time - I kept going back and doing over, but didn't work out. HELP!!! (for some reason I can't get the photo of it to post)

1 reply

Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

Sorry for the delay jtay45... If you want your bracelet to be "straight" then you must alternate which strand goes under the knot. Alternate Left and then right and then left again. That keeps the knot straight. If you want the bracelet to twist then use the same strand each time to go under, Right then Right then Right... that will make the knot twist. I hope that helps...The thickness of the cord does not matter, the knots you tie matter.


7 years ago on Step 3

Sorry for the delay... Pull the cords that are going horizontal. when tying knots you will have a Running End and a Standing End... the Standing Ends are the pieces of cord that you are NOT working with... the Running Ends are the ends you are working with. Here is a link that will help you tie the bracelet

I hope this helps


7 years ago on Step 3

I don't understand this at all can u please send me a link of a better detailed verson


8 years ago on Introduction

How do I measure the cord to fit my 8" wrist? Do I cut it free from my roll of cord? What is the length of each strand? Red: Black: I don't want to cut it too short and have to waste any cord! Thanks. Triumphman. Fri. 6-17-11 10:51 am EST