Two Colored Paracord Bracelet With Buckle

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This is a fun and easy way to make 2 colored para cord bracelets
i I got this Idea online after I saw para cord's awesome features for its little size.
If you watch Man vs Wild you will see that Bear Grylls wears these bracelets all the time on his show,
this bracelet is not only to look cool but it also can be used in survival situations because of all its uses.
here is a link for 101 uses for para cord 

Step 1: What You Need

- 2 colors of paracord
- scissors
- a lighter
- a buckle
- a tape measure

Step 2: Measuring Your Wrist

 To start off you are going to want to measure you wrist with the tape measure, leave a little bit of slack unless you want your bracelet super tight.
for every inch your wrist is you will need a foot of para cord, so if your wrist is ten inches You will need 10 ft of para cord(5 ft in each color)

Step 3: Cutting the Paracord

However many inches your wrist is divide that number by 2 and switch the inches with feet and measure that much para cord out in each color.

After you cut the para cord the ends are going to be frayed and you are going to want to burn the two ends together with a lighter or candle.

Step 4: Putting the Buckle on and Weaving the Paracord Together

Slip the ends of the para cord through one side of the buckle, and take the other ends of the para cord and slip them through the other end of the buckle. Now you can put your wrist through the para cord loop and adjust the loop to your wrist.

The weave I use is called the cobra weave it is very simple you start the weave on one side then alternate the weave in the other side
if you don't alternate the weave will be twisty, the pictures above will show you the weave.

Note: Check out my instructable on my para cord twisty lanyard

Step 5: Finishing Up

When you run out of room to weave cut the extra para cord as close as you can get to the weave then take a lighter and melt the end, take the metal part of the lighter and flatten the melted part up against the weave, go ahead and do that with both sides.

Step 6: Finished

This is my way of making 2 colored para cord bracelets i'm sure you guys have different ways of making them and I would love to see them so you can leave pictures in the comments below

Thankyou for checking out this instructable, if you liked this please check out some of my others.
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    So, I saw the beginning and ending pictures. but nothing in between on how to make the weave.

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