Two Dollar Thermal Multi-Use Survival Bag.

Introduction: Two Dollar Thermal Multi-Use Survival Bag.

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The 2 Dollar Thermal Multi-Use Survival Bag.

As a Wandering Photographer i find myself out in Cold weather. When taking pictures out in the cold i don't usually bring a seat with me yet i do get tired and sit down on frozen items but not for long.

Now, i take a Insulated Shopping bag in my Bug out bag and turn it Inside Out and fill it with sweaters It Does Reflect my heat!

So, here are some Everyday and Emergency Uses for this 2 Dollar Bag!

Step 1: Put Stuff in It!

Pics 1-2.) It holds Hot things or Cold, I also place it inside my bug out bag with electronic equipment in it and protects them from too cold or too Hot Conditions.

Step 2: Foot Warmer!

Pic 3.) Feet too Cold? Place them inside without Boots, it really reflects heat, it will save you from getting frostbite in a emergency condition

Step 3: Sit on It!

Pic 4.) Turn it Inside Out and Fill it with Clothes and Sit on it! It Works! The Tag says the inside is Aluminum Foil.

Step 4: Warming Pillow Time! and Ending

Pic 5.) Use it as a Pillow!

Well, i hope you Enjoyed my Urban Style Prepping Instructable, i will have more pics as i plan to use these bags for many other practical ideas.

Heres one more... sewing an removable insert to an set of Homemade Leather Insulated Mittens with wool then with this Aluminium foil insert All from used materials from Thrift shops!

Look for this soon as it will be quite detailed and involves alot of Sewing and i am making two sets one for me and one for my Daughter.

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