Two-Headed Monster Costume

Introduction: Two-Headed Monster Costume

2016 Two-Headed Monster Costume

Step 1: Creating the Heads

I found this puppet head pattern online and scaled it up to a large enough size that would fit over my giant head once it was complete. Low temp hot glue was used to fix the pieces together.

The horns are made from the same foam, I just glued two pieces together and cut them out with scissors. Then I wrapped them with tan felt.

Step 2: Creating the Noses

By far the most difficulty I had was with these noses...

I used this pattern found online to cut out pieces of orange felt. I sewed them together by hand, turned them inside out and stuff them full of fiber fill. Set them aside at this point. I've got the nose pinned into place in the photo, so that I could make sure it fit and looked alright. Once the heads were ready, I simply glued them on with hot glue.

Step 3: The Fur

I purchased two cheap purple terry cloth towels and used this to cover the foam heads. I started on the front of the face around the nose area and pinned as much as I could in place so that everything looked good.

Once I was happy with the fit, I started to unpin sections and hot glue them into place and flatten them down. I wanted the seam to go up the middle of the face and then down the back of the head. This area would be covered up by the nose, eyes and hair, so I was not very concerned about how clean the seam was.

This was just a large piece of fake white fur that I bought at the fabric store. It was about 2 1/2 yards and was on clearance for $10 a yard, so by far the most expensive item. I also purchased two bottles of this dye. I know from research that it might not do the job very well since the fur was synthetic, but I gave it a try anyway. I was a lot happier with the results than I was expecting, and any other method would have taken much more work. If you have the money... I would recommend purchasing pre-colored fur like this.

I died it in my kitchen trashcan and let it air dry outside on the balcony.

Step 4: Break Time...

Step 5: The Mouth/Viewport

The mouth was created from cardboard and black burlap. The tongue is red felt.

I folded a piece of cardboard in half and stuck it into the mouth area and traced out the arc. I cut out the cardboard and then used hot glue to attach the burlap to the cardboard frame. I then cutout a red felt tongue shape and glued it to the mouth.

The entire mouth piece is hot glued into the head.

Things are coming together. In this fit test I've just thrown the cowl over my shoulders and tried on the head.

The burlap allowed me to see through the mouth so I wasn't running into walls etc...

Step 6: The Eyes:

I got a couple of Styrofoam spheres and coated them with 'magickoat' purchased from Hobby Lobby. There are a variety of products that you could use. It simply fills in the spaces and gives it a smooth surface. I did a little light sanding once they were dry.

I used a soft led pencil to sketch out the shape of the pupils, then I used a small brush and acrylic black paint to fill in the pupils.

I also sliced a portion of the back of each eye off to give me a nice flat surface that allowed me to hot glue the eyes to the head.

Step 7: The Mount

I purchased an old rolling luggage backpack with a sturdy frame from the local 2nd hand/thrift store on 50% off day for $3.80... bargain!

I headed to my local maker space TinkerMill and I used an angle grinder and razor to cut off the parts I didn't need.

I then used a couple of metal straps, scrap wood and foam to create a mount that I could slip the other monster head on. I wanted something that I could bend and adjust to fit the way I wanted, while still being strong enough to be sturdy.

I added an adjustable nylon waist belt with a clip to really lock everything down once I was wearing the rig.

The rig worked better than I could have ever hoped.

The picture is from my first fit test before I adjusted the position of the head.

Step 8: Hair & Beard

The hair and beard material is 'furry boa' material purchased from Hobby Lobby and hot glued into place.

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    Thanks!, I had a lot of fun.