Two-Minute Frappuccino

Introduction: Two-Minute Frappuccino

So basically this is an ez recipe that take two minutes to make but tastes like the starbuckz frappuccino coffee drinks you buy at the store for like $2 each.

So heres the ingredients:

Torani Vanilla Syrup
Instant Coffee
16oz Glass

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Step 1: Gather & Mix

First of all get all your ingredients together from the fridge and pantry.

Since we're thirsty and want our frappuccino we can't stop to get any measuring cups or whatnot so.. we're going to use an eyeballing diagram i made to make our drink. It saves in time and effort (they eyeball at starbuckz as well [i used to work for them])

1.  Start off getting some hot water from the sink
2.  Mix in the instant coffee with a stirring utensil like a spoon
3.  Pour some Half&Half in the mixture
4.  For that extra flavour add some vanilla syrup and stir again
5.  Top with ice

Step 2: Enjoy!

The last step is a taste test.  You're the judge if you want a more coffee flavouring add more instant coffee and stir. Want less add more Vanilla syrup.

Close your eyes and imagine drinking one of those $2 drinks from a convenience store. You can't tell the difference and it only took two minutes to make!

With all your ingredients you should be able to make a lot of drinks.
You may need to buy more half&half tho ^_^.

***Optional Endless Possibilies***
If you want a mocha frappuccino you can add some hot cocoa mix on top of the instant coffee in equal portions or more for a more choco taste. OR you could try different flavoured syrups.
Have fun mixin it up B!

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    2 Discussions


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I am confused. You didn't mention the blender and ice. Or are you referring to iced coffee?


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I used to be a perculated coffee snob but between the price of coffee and the doctor gripping I had to cut back from 5-7pots a day to...well I went cold turkey for awhile but really wanted at least a couple cups in the morning so I started trying the instants/freezedried and settled on the same one you show here ! Check out my "ible" for another variation, mine was written for cold weather but could just as easily be poured over ice .   Nice tasty "ible"