Two Pocket Pencilcase

Introduction: Two Pocket Pencilcase

Tired of the same boring pencilcase, but too cheap to buy a funky, new pencilcase at expensive stationery stores? You could always make your own with some scrap fabric!
Well, that's what I did anyway. :D This pencilcase is double ended because I was inspired by the Typo pencilcases. Also, it's a little bit different, and I like to be unique O.o
This instructable requires you to have a basic knowledge of how to sew. I did this completely by hand, but that's only because I don't have a sewing machine. It still only took half a day (sew a couple of hours XD)

Step 1: What You May Possibly Need

For this instructable:
2 x 20cm zippers
40cm x 23cm fabric (outer fabric)
40cm x 23cm fabric (lining fabric)
And basic sewing equip, like needle, thread, pins and fabric scissors :)

Step 2: Begin!

 With the right sides together, find the middle of the longer side of the fabric (so 20cm down). Then measure 1.5cm on either side. So effectively, you have found the 3cm in the middle. Mark this 3cm 1.5cm from either side. If that's too confusing, look at the pictures (but my seam allowance was only 1cm, so it's only 1cm from the side)

Step 3: Hemming

Sew along the 3cm on both sides, then flip inside out. 
Pin the hems however you want on the shorter sides and sew. I folded them over once, and then again. The hems should be about 5mm wide

Step 4: Creating the Pocket Thingos

Fold up the fabric so that the hems line up with the middle 3cm, to create two pockets. Make sure right sides are together!
If using stripey fabric like me, line up the stripes.
Pin and sew. 
Trim the corners after sewing. Flip inside out.

Step 5: Zip, Zip, Zippers

At this point, the opening should be the same length as the zippers. Unzip the zippers and pin them with one side to one side of the opening, and the other to the other side of the opening. Confused? Just look at the pictures XD
Sew on the zippers, one side at a time. The stitches will be visible at the back, so sew neatly and with thread similar to fabric. [sorry, blurry photos >.<  I don't have a camera, so I used my phone]

Step 6: Fin

After your zippers have been attached, it's finished! Rejoice, try out your new pencilcase and take some photos. I would love to see your versions! My initial idea was actually to use furry fabric and sew on eyes and a mouth.So when it's folded in half, the eyes are visible and when its opened up, it's the mouth :O I would love to see if anyone did this :D Thanks for reading, and enjoy!

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