Two Second IPhone Holder

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Here I will show you how to make an iPhone or iPod Touch holder in 2 seconds.  Unlike many other simply constructed iPhone holders found here and on the net, this one requires no work to build.  It's simply a matter of re-purposing a common existing item.

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Step 1: Floss Your Teeth

  • Grab a pack of ordinary dental floss.
  • Open it up
  • Insert iPhone or iPod Touch
  • Done
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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Dude, you are a genius. I wouldnt use this because I have a little stand that comes with my case, but literally from the front this looks like a small stand you would have to pay for. You my friend ARE smart and deserve upvotes of some sort because this is seriously the best idea I've seen in monthes for anything. Words dont explain how amazed I am (I dont know why!).