Two Shade Birthday Card




Introduction: Two Shade Birthday Card

This is a Birthday Card which can be modified as per your requirements.Basically,I made this in two shades i.e. a dark mauve colour for the base and a pink colour for other stuff.Its a Birthday Card but you can very well alter it as per your needs.
This card wont need many materials ,all that you need can be found around your house.

Stuff you will be needing:
1. Different coloured cardstock/paper/sheet etc
2. Ruler
3. Pencil
4. Scissor
5. Paper Wieght
6. Piece of cardboard(i use corrugated)
7. felt tip pens/sketch pens
8. Piece of ribbon (3-4 inches)

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Step 1: Creating the Frame

Basically you need to get some cardstock and fold it in half.I actually recycled another invitation so mine had some stuff printed ,so to hide that stuff I glued on some white sheet/cardstock.It gives a really nice effect and you may do it even if you dont have anything to hide.
Again its not necessary that you add white cardstock.You may use any colour.You may skip this step too.
If you are using a dark colour for the frame like me you should d it because anything you write wont stand out much.

Step 2: Creating the Gift Box

In this step we will be creating the gift box which is somewhat 3-D.We wont be sticking it right away. I have not added a ribbon to the gift box in this step but all you have to do is to make a bow out of a ribbon and attach it to the box.You can see a ribbon attached in the finished card.

Step 3: Making the Happy Birthday Signpost

We will create the 'Happy B'day' ..which looks somewhat like a signpost in my card.
Cut a rectangle(pink) nd write 'Happy B'day' on top of it .
Make a boundary.
NOTE:If you keep the corners of the rectangle rounded it will look more like sign post.

Step 4: Make the Signpost Look More Like a Signpost.

We will make our signpost look more realistic by adding leaves (and cherries or other friuts if you like).I have also made small nail heads at the corners with grey felt tip pen.
How to stick the leaves:fold a little portion at the and attach it to the sign post.

NOTE:You may twirl the leaves with a pencil to make it look more realistic.You may also add a stand.

Step 5: Making Your Sign Post Look 3-D

I will be attaching a piece of cardboard so that the sign post looks 3-D.
I take a piece of cardboard and simply stick it to the back of our signpost .

NOTE: You should use other types of cardboard if your paper is thin like mine,or it may end up wrinkly like mine did.But, if you are usng thick paper corrugated cadboard is the best.

Step 6: Arrange It!

We are almost done.Arrange the signpost and giftbox on your card and stick it.I added a boundary to fill up the space and wrote some stuff (Just write any quotation or anything you know). I have also added the ribbon I mentioned in step 2.

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    6 years ago

    Very crafty I like it

    Megs and Mayu 12
    Megs and Mayu 12

    Reply 4 years ago

    Hey Phreckle wrong spelling, why not freckle? Ha ha ha! got jacked up!

    Megs and Mayu 12
    Megs and Mayu 12

    Reply 4 years ago

    Hey Phreckle wrong spelling, why not freckle? Ha ha ha! got jacked up!

    Megs and Mayu 12
    Megs and Mayu 12

    4 years ago

    The spelling of weight is wrong. I am no trying to offend you. THANK YOU.