Two Toned Duck Tape Bow!




Introduction: Two Toned Duck Tape Bow!

About: I love to play soccer, softball, and baseball!(yes girls do like baseball also.)I love to bake and do crafts.Mostly duck tape.

This is a cute duck tape bow!Its defiantly easy and very fast to do.It took me the most 5 minuets.These also come in handy with other wallets which you could tape onto the wallets with the bows.

Duck tape(preferably 3)
X-across knife(optional)

Step 1: Making the Bow Sheet!

Start by taking a 6 inch sheet of your inside color then fold it in half.My inside color is mustaches.Then take a 7 or 8 inch sheet then fold that in half.Just depends on how much of your outside color you want to see in the front.

Step 2: Finishing It Of!

Almost done!! Fold your bow fabric piece 3 times. Then hold it and take a skinny strip of tape and wrap it around in the middle.Just position it where you want it and ENJOY!!

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