Two-Toned Origami Parrot




Whether you are just looking to try out a new craft or to make a flock of your own little parrots, this origami project is perfect for you!

You need: a square piece of paper - different colors front and back, if desired.

If you are a first time folder and would like a little extra help, print out the template (attached) front and back. There will be numbers along the way to help.

A few terms to know-

Crease: Fold along the line and then unfold to make a crease.

Fold: Fold along the line.

Happy Folding!

Step 1:

Crease square diagonally. The outside of the triangle created will be the parrot’s body color and the inside will be the head color. (On the template, match number 2’s on the white side inside the fold. The white will be the head color and the red will be the body color.)

Step 2:

Unfold the triangle. Fold two bottom edges to be flush with the center crease. Paper will be in a kite shape. (Match 4’s on the template.)

Step 3:

Fold top (top of the kite) back keeping the two flapped side (the red side on the template) facing you.

Step 4:

Crease the corners of top by folding the top edge to be flush with the center crease. (Match 6’s on the template.)

Step 5:

Open the folds just made back to the triangle. Then hold paper steady near the center (template 6a and 6b marks). At the top center, pull corner of one of the flaps down and out while pushing top corner down and in, so that the crease from previous step (template crease 6) becomes outside edge (on template, match 7’s). Repeat with the other side.

Step 6:

Fold the tips created up so that the inside edge is parallel with the crease on the same triangle. (Crease along “crease 8a/8b” line on the template.)

Step 7:

Fold bottom up to be flush with the bottom of the folds in the previous step. (Template: match 9’s.)

Step 8:

Make a second fold down on the long triangle a short ways from the bottom. (Fold along fold 10 line on the template.)

Step 9:

Bring both sides together folding on center crease, hiding all previous work on the inside. (Match 11’s on template.)

Step 10:

Pull the bottom to rotate the tail approximately 45 degrees.

Step 11:

Fold top corner in, so that the top edge becomes the inside of the fold and a portion of the fold sticks out-the part that sticks out becomes the beak. (The 13’s on the template will be where the eyes should be.)

Step 12:

Add an eye with a pen mark if desired.

Now you have all the skills needed to make your own flock of paper parrots!



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    3 Discussions

    Jabez MelkiB

    3 years ago on Introduction

    This project is really useful. Today's lesson on sunday school was about the sky and we wanted something different than the crane...Thanks a lot!


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Great deviation from the cranes that everyone knows how to make. Good job on your first Instructable too! I hope we see many more from you in the future!