Mini Cookie Oven




- This two treat mini cookie oven can be prepared as a surprise for any party and baby shower. With a hidden cake inside, iam sure this would be a big surprise to your kid.


This can be prepared with just three ingredients:

- Any crackers (square shape)

-melted choclate

-kit kat or any choclate similar to kit kat choclate shape


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Step 1: Procedure:

-Just assemble your crackers and build half of your can use melted choclate to attach crackers.

-Dry and then proceed for further steps.

Step 2: Front Door:

- Leave a small opening in front door for your hidden surprise.

-For door handle I used pretzel.

Step 3: Creating Oven Controls and Stove Top Burners:

-Just take a drop of melted choclate on baking paper and make stove top burners and oven controls of various sizes.

-Dry and use them.

-2 kitkats were stacked together and i placed my stove controls on it.

Step 4: Final Creation:

-I placed stove top burners on oven and placed hidden surprise cake inside the oven and attached front door with small opening.

-mini cookie oven is ready for surprise.

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    Haha, wow. Cute and awesome. You got my vote!

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