Two Ways to Reuse Beer Pull Caps As a Bracelet Buckles




Introduction: Two Ways to Reuse Beer Pull Caps As a Bracelet Buckles

This is just something I was tinkering with after another bottle of beer. Those pull caps looked like they had some unrevealed crafting potential, so I decided to investigate it a little bit. And this is what I've got as an result.

The title of the instructable says it all about the idea, so let's take a look at a wery short process in both of its alterations.

Step 1: Separate

First of all we'll need to separate the plastic rings from metall caps. Some robust scissors will do it just right. Those rings are what we're going to use.

Step 2: Option One

As option number one we can make a simple buckle. Just make some hole at the basis of the ring with an awl or drill it with small drill bit. Bend a pin from a piece of thick enough paper clip and secure it in the opening. And here we go, the buckle! This works for the belt-like construction.

Step 3: Option Two

For the option number two, which works with straps, just take a cople of rings and secure them in the loop at the end of strap a little bit loosely. And this is it.

To secure the other end of the strap in this type of buckle, slide it under two rings through the opening, then wrap it around the upper ring and pull then under the lower one to the outside. You can easily pull the free end of the strap to adjust the size and it will be locked then in place by the construction.

Step 4: A Bonus

And this is a little bonus that kind of fits the theme.

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    4 Discussions


    1 year ago

    Great ideas. I just love pulling these tops off beer but they are not common here in the USA. I usually only get those when I get ahold of some Baltika 7 export!

    Waldemar Sha
    Waldemar Sha

    Reply 1 year ago

    Those aren't that common here either. I guess, it's imbeded on a genetic level for every man to be
    able to oben a beer bottle in 100 ways even with hands tied up in bare walls-empty room. So, probably those brands are lacking their aimed auditory.


    2 years ago

    Nice tutorial surprising use of those beer pull caps. When i read your instructables, i recognize the “ out of the box thinking”. Looking, day in day out for new creativ uses of materials! Keep on going that way! Greetings from the netherlands.

    Waldemar Sha
    Waldemar Sha

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you very much! Greetings from Ukraine!