Two Layer Book Box to Hold a Tablet PC




Introduction: Two Layer Book Box to Hold a Tablet PC

A box that will hold a tablet PC, an extra battery, chargers, and cables.

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Step 1: Materials

A book box, some spray adhesive, and blue foam pad.

Step 2: Layout

Measure the internal cavity of the box. Cut the foam to fit.

Layout the accessories and cut around them.

Step 3: Insert Foam and Accessories

Glue the foam to the bottom of the box and slip your accessories into the foam

Step 4: Cut Around the Tablet

Using the same internal measurements as before, cut a piece of foam

Cut borders to insure the tablet is held securely

Step 5: Covering the Top Foam

Using a piece of cloth, cover the foam after spraying adhesive over the entire top. Weights will help the fabric adhere to the foam.

Place the foam in the box

Put your tablet inside.

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